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Reports and Publications
College-Level Learning

  Policy Alert: Assessing College-Level Learning by Margaret A. Miller (May 2006). Policy Alert is a publication series that summarizes important policy findings affecting the future of higher education. This issue describes the work of the National Forum on College-Level Learning and shows how student learning can be assessed at the state level. States can use the assessment results to improve their higher education policies and practices, in order to increase the knowledge and skills of their residents.

Measuring Up on College-Level Learning, by Margaret A. Miller and Peter T. Ewell (October 2005 #05-8). In this report, the National Forum on College-Level Learning proposes a model for evaluating and comparing college-level learning on a state-by-state basis, including assessing educational capital. As well as releasing the results for five participating states, the National Forum also explores the implications of its project findings in terms of performance gaps by race/ethnicity and educating future teachers.

Measuring Up 2004: The National Report Card on Higher Education (September 2004). Measuring Up 2004 consists of a national report card for higher education (Report #04-5) and 50 state report cards (#04-4). For the first time, this edition of Measuring Up provides information about each state's improvement over the past decade. See link for learning article below.

Measuring Up 2002: The State-by-State Report Card for Higher Education (October 2002, #02-7). This report card, which updates the inaugural edition released in 2000, grades each state on its performance in five key areas of higher education. Measuring Up 2002 also evaluates each state's progress in relation to its own results from 2000. See links for learning articles below.

Assessing Student Learning Outcomes: A Supplement to Measuring Up 2000, by Peter Ewell and Paula Ries (December 2000, #00-5). National survey of state efforts to assess student learning outcomes in higher education.

Measuring Up 2000: The State-by-State Report Card for Higher Education (November 2000, #00-3). This first-of-its-kind report card grades each state on its performance in higher education. The report card also provides comprehensive profiles of each state and brief states-at-a-glance comparisons. See link for learning article below.

Organizing for Learning: The View from the Governor's Office, by James B. Hunt Jr., chair of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, and former governor of North Carolina (June 1998, #98-3). An address to the American Association for Higher Education concerning opportunity in higher education.

Also see:

The National Forum on College-Level Learning,

The Learning Connection: New Partnerships Between Schools and College, edited by Gene I. Maeroff, Patrick M. Callan, and Michael D. Usdan, January 2001, 160 pages, $20.95, ISBN 0-8077-4017-9, Teachers College, Columbia University, Teachers College Press, to order call 800-575-6566, or online at


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