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  Setting a Public Agenda for Higher Education in the States: Lessons Learned from the National Collaborative for Higher Education Policy by Gordon K. Davies. December 2006. This report summarizes the lessons learned from the National Collaborative for Higher Education Policy. It offers guidance to states interested in gaining broad agreement around a new agenda for higher education that is grounded in performance in the state and directed toward meeting the needs of state residents.

Checks and Balances at Work: The Restructuring of Virginia's Public Higher Education System By Lara K. Couturier. June 2006 (#06-3). A case study of Virginia's 2005 Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act. The Restructuring Act represents a significant renegotiation of the relationship between the Commonwealth of Virginia and its public colleges and universities. It gives more autonomy to the public colleges for conducting certain operations, but checks that autonomy with new accountability targeted directly at the needs of the state.

American Higher Education: How Does It Measure Up for the 21st Century By James B. Hunt Jr. and Thomas J. Tierney with a Foreword by Garrey Carruthers. May 2006 (#06-2). These essays by former Governor James B. Hunt Jr. and business leader Thomas J. Tierney lay out in succinct fashion the requirements of both our nation and our states for new and higher levels of performance from America's colleges and universities.

Claiming Common Ground: State Policymaking for Improving College Readiness and Success by Patrick M. Callan, Joni E. Finney, Michael W. Kirst, Michael D. Usdan, and Andrea Venezia (March 2006, #06-1). To improve college readiness and success, states can develop policies that better connect their K–12 and postsecondary education systems. However, state action in each of the following policy areas is needed to create college-readiness reform: alignment of coursework and assessments; state finance; statewide data systems; and accountability.

The Governance Divide: A Report on a Four-State Study on Improving College Readiness and Success by Andrea Venezia, Patrick M. Callan, Joni E. Finney, Michael W. Kirst, Michael D. Usdan (September 2005 #05-3). This report identifies and examines four policy levers available to states that are interested in creating sustained reform: finance, assessments and curricula, accountability, and data systems. In addition, the report examines the importance of other factors--such as leadership and state history and culture--in initiating and sustaining K–16 reform.
The Case Study for Georgia The Case Study for Oregon
The Case Study for New York The Case Study for Florida

State Capacity for Higher Education Policy (July 2005). This National CrossTalk supplement focuses on the capacity of states to formulate and implement state policy on higher education, and the linkages between higher education and society.

Ensuring Access with Quality to California's Community Colleges by Gerald C. Hayward, Dennis P. Jones, Aims C. McGuinness, Jr., and Allene Timar, with a postscript by Nancy Shulock (May 2004, #04-3). This report finds that enrollment growth pressures, fee increases, and recent budget cuts in the California Community Colleges are having significant detrimental effects on student access and program quality. The report also provides recommendations for creating improvements that build from the state policy context and from existing promising practices within the community colleges.

Multiple Pathways and State Policy: Toward Education and Training Beyond High School (June 2003). This report, commissioned by Jobs for the Future, describes the economic and social imperatives for significantly increasing higher education access and attainment. It also identifies the elements of a new public policy infrastructure needed for large-scale education reform.

Purposes, Policies, Performance: Higher Education and the Fulfillment of a State's Public Agenda (January 2003, #03-1). This essay is drawn from discussions of higher education leaders and policy officials at a roundtable convened in June 2002 at New Jersey City University on the relationship between public purposes, policies, and performance of American higher education.

State Policy and Community College-Baccalaureate Transfer, by Jane V. Wellman (July 2002, #02-6). Recommends state policies to energize and improve higher education performance regarding transfers from community colleges to four-year institutions.

Competition and Collaboration in California Higher Education, by Kathy Reeves Bracco and Patrick M. Callan (January 2002, #02-1). Argues that the structure of California's state higher education system limits the system's capacity for collaboration.

South Dakota: Developing Policy-Driven Change in Higher Education, by Mario Martinez (June 1999, #99-2). Describes the processes for change in higher education that government, business, and higher education leaders are creating and implementing in South Dakota.

The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Higher Education: An Agenda for Policy Research, by Dennis Jones, Peter Ewell, and Aims McGuinness (December 1998, #98-8). Argues that due to substantial changes in the landscape of postsecondary education, new state-level policy frameworks must be developed and implemented.

Higher Education Governance: Balancing Institutional and Market Influences, by Richard C. Richardson, Jr., Kathy Reeves Bracco, Patrick M. Callan, and Joni E. Finney (November 1998, #98-7). Describes the structural relationships that affect institutional effectiveness in higher education, and argues that state policy should strive for a balance between institutional and market forces.

The Challenges Facing California Higher Education: A Memorandum to the Next Governor of California, by David W. Breneman (September 1998, #98-5). Argues that California should develop a new Master Plan for Higher Education.

Also see:

Designing State Higher Education Systems for a New Century, by Richard C. Richardson Jr., Kathy Reeves Bracco, Patrick M. Callan & Joni E. Finney, December 1998, 160 Pages, $36.95, ISBN: 1-57356-174-6, American Council on Higher Education, Series in Higher Education, Oryx Press, to order call 800-225-5800, or online at:


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