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Reports and Publications

  American Higher Education: How Does It Measure Up for the 21st Century By James B. Hunt Jr. and Thomas J. Tierney with a Foreword by Garrey Carruthers. (May 2006 (#06-2). These essays by former Governor James B. Hunt Jr. and business leader Thomas J. Tierney lay out in succinct fashion the requirements of both our nation and our states for new and higher levels of performance from America's colleges and universities.

Policy Alert: Course Redesign Improves Learning and Reduces Cost by Carol A. Twigg (June 2005). Policy Alert is a publication series that summarizes important policy findings affecting the future of higher education. This issue offers persuasive data that show how course redesign using information technology can reduce cost and increase student learning.

Policy Alert: State Policies On 2/4 Transfers Are Key To Degree Attainment (May 2004). This issue summarizes an earlier report, "State Policy and Community College-Baccalaureate Transfer," which examined the role of state policy in influencing community college-baccalaureate transfer. It looks at the importance of two-year to four-year transfer, and offers recommendations for improvement to state policymakers.

State Policy and Community College-Baccalaureate Transfer, by Jane V. Wellman (July 2002, #02-6). Recommends state policies to energize and improve higher education performance regarding transfers from community colleges to four-year institutions.

Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education: The Early Years (June 2002, #02-5). The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) attained remarkable success in funding innovative and enduring projects during its early years. This report, prepared by FIPSE's early program officers, describes how those results were achieved.

Federal Tuition Tax Credits and State Higher Education Policy: A Guide for State Policy Makers, by Kristin D. Conklin (December 1998, #98-6). Examines the implications of the federal income tax provisions for students and their families, and makes recommendations for state higher education policy.

Tidal Wave II Revisited: A Review of Earlier Enrollment Projections for California Higher Education, by Gerald C. Hayward, David W. Breneman, and Leobardo F. Estrada (September 1998, #98-4). Finds that earlier forecasts of a surge in higher education enrollments were accurate.

Concept Paper: A National Center to Address Higher Education Policy, by Patrick M. Callan (March 1998, #98-1). Describes the purposes of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education.


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