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  Squeeze Play 2010: Continued Public Anxiety on Cost, Harsher Judgments on How Colleges Are Run, by John Immerwahr and Jean Johnson with Amber Ott and Jonathan Rochkind (February 2010). Are college and universities doing all they can to keep costs under control? According to Squeeze Play 2010, a new report from Public Agenda and the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, six out of ten Americans believe that colleges mainly care about their own bottom lines instead of making sure that students have a good educational experience. Squeeze Play 2010 is part of a series of surveys, dating back to 1993, tracking public attitudes about college affordability and accessibility. More than half of Americans now say college is essential for success in the work world. Even more, 69 percent, say there are many qualified people who do not have access to higher education, up seven percentage points from two years ago and 22 percentage points compared to a decade ago.

Public Attitudes on Higher Education: A Trend Analysis, 1993 to 2003, by John Immerwahr (February 2004, #04-2). This public opinion survey, prepared by Public Agenda for the National Center, reveals that public attitudes about the importance of higher education have remained stable during the recent economic downturn. The survey also finds that there are some growing public concerns about the costs of higher education, especially for those groups most affected, including parents of high school students, African Americans, and Hispanics. Note: This report is available only on the web.

With Diploma in Hand: Hispanic High School Seniors Talk About Their Future, by John Immerwahr (May 2003, #03-2). This report by Public Agenda explores some of the primary obstacles that many Hispanic students face in seeking higher education, barriers which suggest opportunities for creative public policy to improve college attendance and completion rates among Hispanics.

The Affordability of Higher Education: A Review of Recent Survey Research, by John Immerwahr (May 2002, #02-4). This review of recent surveys by Public Agenda confirms that Americans feel that rising college prices threaten to make higher education inaccessible for many people.

Great Expectations: How the Public and Parents-White, African-American and Hispanic-View Higher Education, by John Immerwahr with Tony Foleno (May 2000, #00-2). This report by Public Agenda finds that Americans overwhelmingly see higher education as essential for success. Survey results are also available for the following states:

Taking Responsibility: Leaders' Expectations of Higher Education, by John Immerwahr (January 1999, #99-1). Reports the views of those most involved with decision making about higher education, based on a survey and focus groups conducted by Public Agenda.

The Price of Admission: The Growing Importance of Higher Education, by John Immerwahr (Spring 1998, #98-2). A national survey of Americans' views on higher education, conducted and reported by Public Agenda.

Other publications released by John Immerwahr from the California Higher Education Policy Center,

Enduring Values, Changing Concerns: What Californians Expect from Their Higher Education System
March 1997 (Center Report 97-1)
John Immerwahr
Enduring Values, Changing Concerns revisits many of the same issues discussed in The Closing Gateway through another statewide sample of opinions. This report shows which attitudes endured from 1993 to 1997, and which changed in response to new developments in the state.
Preserving the Higher Education Legacy: A Conversation with California Leaders
March 1995 (Center Report 95-3, ED #381069)
John Immerwahr with Jill Boese
Based on interviews with 29 California leaders regarding their views of higher education, the Public Agenda Foundation highlights major findings, including a concern that the policy discussion in higher education and the state has become insulated and ineffective.
The Closing Gateway: Californians Consider Their Higher Education System
September 1993 (Center Report 93-6)
John Immerwahr and Steve Farkas
The Public Agenda Foundation reports the results of a statewide survey of Californians to better understand public values and expectations for higher education.


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