THE FOLLOWING IS a complete listing of reports, technical papers and articles published by the California Higher Education Policy Center. Most of these publications are available through the ERIC Database


State Structures for the Governance of Higher Education: A Comparative Study
Spring 1997 (Technical Paper 97-11) ED 412866
Frank M. Bowen, Kathy Reeves Bracco, Patrick M. Callan, Joni E. Finney, Richard C. Richardson, Jr. and William Trombley
This report highlights the major findings from a national study on state higher education governance. It also provides information on the study methodology and research design. The study asked how states differ in the design of their governance structures, what differences in performance are related to choices of governance structures, and how structure affects the strategies available to state policy makers with regard to its higher education system.

Higher Education Governance: An Annotated Bibliography
Spring 1997 (Technical Paper 97-12) ED 412865
Kathy Reeves Bracco
This paper provides a comprehensive review of the literature related to the governance, structure and organization of higher education.
Higher Education Governance in Seven States
The following case studies integrate all sources of data (interview and document archival data) for each of the seven states covered by the governance project. The studies were reviewed for accuracy by individuals within the states.
California Case Study Summary
Spring 1997 (Technical Paper 97-13) ED 412873
Richard C. Richardson, Jr.

Florida Case Study Summary
Spring 1997 (Technical Paper 97-14) ED 412867
Joni E. Finney

Georgia Case Study Summary
Spring 1997 (Technical Paper 97-15) ED 412870
Kathy Reeves Bracco

Illinois Case Study Summary
Spring 1997 (Technical Paper 97-16) ED 412868
Richard C. Richardson, Jr.

Michigan Case Study Summary
Spring 1997 (Technical Paper 97-17) ED 412869
Kathy Reeves Bracco

New York Case Study Summary
Spring 1997 (Technical Paper 97-18) ED 412871
Patrick M. Callan and Frank Bowen

Texas Case Study Summary
Spring 1997 (Technical Paper 97-19) ED 412872
Kathy Reeves Bracco
A Vision in Progress: The Decision to Establish a Public University
at Monterey Bay
June 1997 (Occasional Paper 97-9) ED 412864
William Chance
This report traces the state decision-making process that led to the development of California State University, Monterey Bay at the Fort Ord complex. It also examines the state planning process for new campuses and the political contexts in which exceptions to this process have been made.
California Trends in Student Aid: Take Two
May 1997 (Center Report 97-8) ED 414801
Lawrence Gladieux, Tracy Hartzler Toon and Watson Scott Swail
This report updates a 1994 Center study prepared by the College Board, Trends in Student Aid: California. The 1997 report presents data from 1990 to 1996 concerning the amount and types of financial assistance available to help students pay tuition, room and board, and other costs of attending college in California. Among the report's major findings are: The affordability of higher education continues to be a major problem for California students and families; and the state needs to develop a state policy to guide student aid.
A Promise Worth Keeping
May 1997 (Inserted in CrossTalk, v. 5, no. 2) ED 414808
This paper, published as an insert to CrossTalk, is based on a statewide roundtable on the finance of higher education in California. A wide range of leaders in California attended the roundtable discussions.
Shaping the Future: Higher Education Finance in the 1990s, National Trends
April 1997 (Center Report 97-2) [These two reports are available in Public and Private Financing of Higher Education: Shaping Public Policy for the Future (1997), ACE and Oryx Press]
Two essays are included in this report. The first, The Price of Passive Resistance in Financing Higher Education, by Brian Roherty, describes the overall health of public finance and the likely changes in state budgets as a result of shifting intergovernmental responsibilities. The author describes the future of higher education finance at the state level within the broad context of these changes.

The second essay, The Changing Landscape: Higher Education Finance in the 1990s, by David Breneman and Joni Finney, outlines national trends in the finance of higher education by revenue source. The authors also describe the major changes in higher education finance in five major states, basing their finding on the series of in-depth case studies listed directly below.
Financing Higher Education in Five States, 1990 to 1995.
Higher Education Finance: Case Studies
April 1997 [Available in the above mentioned book, Public and Private Financing of Higher Education: Shaping Public Policy for the Future]
The series of five papers listed below reports on higher education finance from 1990 to 1995 in California, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota and New York. These case studies examine the overall revenue structure of each state and trends in higher education appropriations, student financial aid, tuition, etc. The studies also describe state and institutional policy responses to finance changes during the time period studied.

California: Financing Higher Education Amid Policy Drift, 1990 to 1995
April 1997 (Technical Paper 97-3)
Mario C. Martinez and Thad Nodine

Florida: Protecting Access and Anticipating Growth, 1990 to 1995
April 1997 (Technical Paper 97-4)
Yolanda Sanchez-Penley, Mario C. Martinez and Thad Nodine

Michigan: Fiscal Stability and Constitutional Autonomy, 1990 to 1995

April 1997 (Technical Paper 97-5)
Mario C. Martinez and Thad Nodine

Minnesota: Uncertainty in a Time of Constrained Resources, 1990 to 1995

April 1997 (Technical Paper 97-6)
Joan E. Sundquist

New York: Politics and the Funding of Higher Education, 1990 to 1995

April 1997 (Technical Paper 97-7)
Kathy Reeves Bracco and Yolanda Sanchez-Penley
Enduring Values, Changing Concerns: What Californians Expect from Their Higher Education System
March 1997 (Center Report 97-1)405789
John Immerwahr
Enduring Values, Changing Concerns revisits many of the same issues discussed in The Closing Gateway through another statewide sample of opinions. This report shows which attitudes endured from 1993 to 1997, and which changed in response to new developments in the state.
Shaping The Future
October 1996 (Inserted in CrossTalk, v. 4, no. 3)[Available in the above mentioned book, Public and Private Financing of Higher Education: Shaping Public Policy for the Future]
This essay, published as an insert to CrossTalk, is drawn from a national roundtable discussionwhich included national and state higher education leaderson the public and private finance of higher education.
State Student Aid Policies and Independent Higher Education: Implications for California
August 1996 (Occasional Paper 96-5) ED 399853
William Zumeta with John Fawcett-Long
This paper highlights recent information relevant to California concerning policies in other states that are designed to guide undergraduate students to in-state private colleges or universities or to out-of-state institutions.
A Supplement to Shared Responsibility: A Resource Guide
June 1996 (Technical Paper 96-4) ED 399852
This resource guide is intended to serve as a reference manual with further details concerning how the Center developed the strategies outlined in the Shared Responsibility report.
Shared Responsibility: Strategies for Quality and Opportunity in California Higher Education
May 1996 (Center Report 96-3) ED 399852
This major report provides the Center's first plan for preserving educational opportunity and quality over the next decade in California. It recommends actions and polices to assure opportunity for education and training beyond high school, while maintaining and improving quality and reducing cost per student.
Focus on Students: The Student Composition of California Higher Education
January 1996 (Technical Paper 96-1) ED 399850
William Doyle
This paper provides a summary of data concerning California's college students.
Higher Education Finance: An Annotated Bibliography
January 1996 (Technical Paper 96-2) ED 399851
William Doyle
This paper provides an annotated bibliography of articles, reports and books related to higher education finance.
UC Regents: Lots of Pomp, Little Circumstance
October 1995 (Inserted in CrossTalk, v. 3, no. 3) [Public and Private Financing of Higher Education: Shaping Public Policy for the Future, Page 105 ]
This essay, published as an insert to CrossTalk, reports on the University of California Board of Regents and its governance of the UC system.
Tidal Wave II: An Evaluation of Enrollment Projections for California Higher Education
September 1995 (Center Report 95-6) ED 391453
David W. Breneman, Leobardo F. Estrada and Gerald C. Hayward
The authors examine several enrollment projections for higher education in California and draw conclusions about which projections best fit the state's objective of maintaining educational opportunity in California.
Financing the Plan: California's Master Plan for Higher Education, 1960-1994
May 1995 (Center Report 95-1) ED 399849
William Pickens
This report traces California higher education spending since 1960. The report describes the lack of policy direction with regard to higher education in California. A critical problem facing the state is that traditional measures for determining the amount of supportbased on fundamental state goalshave been abandoned without new measures put in place.
Trends in Student Aid: California
April 1995 (Center Report 95-4) ED 382082
Lawrence Gladieux and Jacqueline King
This report documents the major sources of financial aid (federal, state and institutional) for California students from 1990 to 1994.
Preserving the Higher Education Legacy: A Conversation with California Leaders
March 1995 (Center Report 95-3) ED 381069
John Immerwahr with Jill Boese
Based on interviews with 29 California leaders regarding their views of higher education, the Public Agenda Foundation highlights major findings, including a concern that the policy discussion in higher education and the state has become insulated and ineffective.
A State of Emergency? California's Crisis in Higher Education
February 1995 (Center Report 95-2) ED 380002
David W. Breneman
David Breneman of Harvard University calls on Governor Pete Wilson to declare a "state of emergency" to repair some of the damage done to California's public higher education system by the budget cuts of recent years.
Broken Promises: The Impact of Budget Cuts and Fee Increases on the California Community Colleges
November 1994 (Center Report 94-4) ED 376869
Jack McCurdy and William Trombley
After three consecutive years of state budget cuts to California Community Colleges, the authors conclude that state disinvestment and ineffective state planning have closed the doors of the community colleges to thousands of Californians.
Public Purposes and Public Responsibilities
November 1994 ED 394451
Patrick M. Callan
This essay is based on a speech delivered at the Conference of the California Association of Institutional Research (CAIR) in 1994.
"Three Strikes" Law Could Undermine College Opportunity
October 1994 (Center Newsletter) ED 406937
This newsletter attempts to answer a series of questions about the "Three Strikes" law, its costs, its possible modifications, and its likely impact on affordable higher education in California.
Preserving the Master Plan: What is to be Done in an Epoch of More Limited Growth of Resources?
October 1994 (Occasional Paper 94-3) ED 399848
Clark Kerr
Based on a speech given in October 1993, the author proposes a course of action for the future of higher education in California.
A Modest Proposal for Saving University Research from the Budget Butcher
September 1994 (Occasional Paper 94-2 ED 380001
Jack Miles
This essay argues that faculty at major universities, facing a massive "assault on faculty research time," have the opportunity to "co-opt the revolution" by replacing the current model for funding university research with the model presently used by publishing houses.
Time for Decision: California's Legacy and the Future of Higher Education
March 1994 (Center Report 94-1 ED 400762
This report describes nine recommendations to address California's dramatic enrollment growth over the next 15 years, and a decline in state resources to support higher education.
Community Colleges Look to Future
February 1994 (Center Newsletter) ED 366364
Jack McCurdy
Provides an interpretive summary of a symposium of community college trustees, administrators and other higher education leaders to discuss the Commission on Innovation's statewide report.
The Closing Gateway: Californians Consider Their Higher Education System
September 1993 (Center Report 93-6) ED 363200
John Immerwahr and Steve Farkas
The Public Agenda Foundation reports the results of a statewide survey of Californians to better understand public values and expectations for higher education.
On The Brink: The Impact of Budget Cuts on California's Public Universities
August 1993 (Center Report 93-5) ED 362081
Jack McCurdy and William Trombley
The impact of two successive years (199192 and 199293) of budget cuts on the California State University and the University of California are described in this report.
The Past as Prologue: Examining the Consequences of Business as Usual
July 1993 (Technical Paper) ED 406940
Dennis P. Jones, Ronald G. Parker and Peter T. Ewell
A technical paper, prepared by the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS), provides the statistical basis for By Design or Default?
By Design or Default?
June 1993 (Center Report 93-4) ED 359892
Patrick M. Callan and Joni E. Finney
In light of enormous projected enrollment growth in California, this report identifies questions that should be considered for designing the future of higher education.
The Press and California Higher Education
May 1993 (Center Report 93-3) ED 360893
William Chance
By analyzing the coverage of four top newspapers in California over a one-year period, this report provides insight into news and editorial coverage of higher education.
Public Policy By Anecdote: The Case of Community College Fees
April 1993 (Center Report 93-1) ED 356806
William Trombley
The report analyzes the process through which policy decisions are made, using the 199293 decision to raise fees for students with baccalaureate degrees.
The California Higher Education Policy Vacuum: The Example of Student Fees
April 1993 (Center Report 93-2) ED 357717
Patrick M. Callan
The report describes a policy vacuum in higher education, citing the decisions by higher education leaders and state officials to raise student fees for the 199394 academic year.