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6 The roundtable was jointly convened by the California Higher Education Policy Center and the Pew Higher Education Roundtable with support from the Ford Foundation and the James Irvine Foundation. The Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education (WICHE) and the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) also served as co-sponsors. A report on the roundtable was published by the California Center as a supplement to its October 1996 issue of its newsletter, CrossTalk, and by the Pew Higher Education Roundtable in the November 1996 issue of Policy Perspectives.
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16 Daniel Yankelovich, Coming to Public Judgment: Making Democracy Work in a Complex World (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1991), p. 6. Yankelovich defines public judgment as ãthe state of highly developed public opinion that exists once people have engaged an issue, considered it from all sides, understood the choices it leads to, and accepted the full consequences of the choices they make.ä


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