Our country takes great pride in the fact that close to 70% of American high school graduates go on to college. But high failure rates in freshman courses-15% at research universities, 30 to 40% at comprehensive universities, and 50 to 60% at community colleges-are costly to both institutions and students. NCAT's redesign methodology produces consistent improvements in the quality of student learning.

For example:

  • At Tallahassee Community College, students in a redesigned English composition course scored significantly higher on final essays, with an average score of 8.34 compared to 7.33 for traditional students. The cost-per-student was reduced from $252 to $145, a savings of 43%.

  • At the University of Massachusetts, in spite of more difficult questions, scores on exams in a redesigned biology course averaged 73% vs. 61% in the traditional course. Attendance averaged 90% in the redesign vs. 67% in the traditional. The cost-per-student was reduced from $199 to $124, a savings of 38%.


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