We need to change the national conversation about what is possible. Once we break the higher-quality-more-money nexus, we can unleash the creative energies of hundreds-indeed thousands-of faculty, professional staff, and administrators to work on redesigning courses.
  • Establish redesign programs in states, higher education systems, and community college districts; provide a framework and incentives for institutions to begin the redesign process; partner with NCAT to develop internal capacity that can support the redesign process on an ongoing basis.

  • Demand accountability. Policymakers and the public need to know what kinds of investments in higher education produce the most effective results. Institutions need to measure both student learning and instructional costs in order to answer the question: How much learning for how much cost?

  • Build incentives into the ways in which higher education is funded-at national, state, and local levels-that will accelerate an ongoing redesign process focused on improving learning outcomes and reducing instructional costs; reward those who make constructive changes, and penalize those who do not.


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